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Speaking Clearly

Native English teaches you to speak English fluently – like a native. Standard North American English is a necessity in business today. Like it or not we are judged by the quality of our speech. Our effectiveness as a leader depends upon our language skill. We must be able to convey meaning accurately. Our power is eroded when our communication is flawed. It is a weakness. Words are powerful and to be powerful we must use the right words in the right way.

Non-native speakers of English all over the world use English today in business to influence, to persuade, to negotiate, to problem solve and to gain agreement. We must manage people from various countries, lead teams and facilitate meetings and trainings. We have worked for years to develop leadership and management skills in our native languages and now we must transfer those skills into English without losing our power.

Surely the executives and professionals reading this have taken the English classes, learned to read and do the grammar exercises in books and had a bit of conversation. Has there ever before this been a class that taught you how to function professionally in English; how to do what you need to do, convey the meaning and the feeling you need to convey and be effective in those settings? Do you feel like you know English but lost some of your effectiveness? Do you lack your usual confidence when you work in English? Do you feel self-conscious and perhaps a bit afraid of embarrassment?

We address your needs as no other English or Business English Training. We begin where others have ended. We take you the rest of the way. This takes years of personal experience on your own because traditional English courses do not go this far. With support, you will reach your customary confidence and effectiveness in no time!

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